Please follow these steps if you prefer to pay via instalment: - 

1. When you get to the payment stage in your online booking, you select 'Bank Deposit' (if you select credit card, the system will ask you to pay in full). 

2. Complete the booking process.  The system will tell you that your booking is successful.  Note:  at this stage, only the booking is completed but there is no payment yet.  

3. You may exit from the online booking now.  You're done with it.

4.  Go to your online banking or go to your bank physically to ask them to set up the instalment plan for you.

5.  We give you the flexibility to do the following: - 

  • decide how often you want the payment 
  • decide how much you pay per instalment.
  • decide how long you want the instalment plan to last.

6.  Please make the first payment in your instalment plan the date of your booking.

7.  Here are the bank details you need to transfer the funds: - 

BSB:  032 104  
Acct#  103 166  
Bank: Westpac

Account Name: Education Development Association

Any questions, please send email to